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One for all.

The VISTA’s intuitive design allows for multiple configurations, making transporting a second and third child a breeze – all while strolling like a single.

Gaining momentum from one to two and even three children.

The Rumble Seat can be used rear facing, forward facing and reclined – it’s the multitasking stroller seat you have only dreamed of. While one child is enjoying a snack, the other can be enjoying a catnap. Your family has multiple needs, and your VISTA stroller has the flexibility and comfort to provide an enjoyable ride. Add the PiggyBack ride along board and you are outfitted for three babes in tow.

Included Carrycot with sunshade

The included Carrycot is perfect for naps on the go. With just one hand you can detach the Bassinet and carry your sleeping infant anywhere.

Front and rear facing Toddler Seat

The included Toddler Seat is designed to meet the growing size and curiosity of your child. Your toddler can ride forwards, backwards, completely upright, fully reclined and anywhere in between.

Infant car seat compatible

Infant car seat adapters allow the Maxi-Cosi and BeSafe iZi Go to attach to the VISTA (sold seperatly).

Extra-large, easy-access basket

This will quickly become your favourite feature. The large opening means it’s easier to reach your diaper bag, toys, and whatever else you pick up along the way.

Shock-absorbing front & rear suspension

Independent shocks ensure your child has a smooth and comfortable ride whether traveling down winding paths or over bumpy pavement. The no puncture wheels guarantee you’ll never be stranded with a flat.

Stands when folded

The VISTA one-step fold is super easy and intuitive and stands on its own. The stroller can be folded with or without the Toddler Seat attached, saving time for other things like cleaning up spilled milk or fixing hair bows.

Smart frame design

Combines aluminium with magnesium for optimal lightweight, durable performance.

Genuine real leather details

The 100% full-grain leather accents on both the handlebar and bumper bar make for a rich and classic appearance. Like a favourite handbag or wallet, real leather matures with use, developing a beautiful patina. The leather on the handlebar is hand sewn and given a perforated pattern for extra grip while pushing baby, and the bumper bar leather is embossed for added resiliency that easily wipes clean from sticky fingers.

With the included Carrycot

The Vista Carrycot turns your VISTA into a baby buggy. With just one hand, you can detach the Carrycot and carry your sleeping infant anywhere. Need a night-time sleeping solution? The VISTA Carrycot provides an overnight sleep solution.

Overnight sleep solution

Taking a trip to Grandma’s and need a safe place for baby to sleep? The VISTA Carrycot’s depth and ventilation create a secure overnight sleeping solution. Rest easy!

Aerated mattress

The perforated mattress pad and vented base allow for added breathability creating a truly comfortable and safe resting space for your baby.

Water-repellant inner liner

The inner liner repels spit up, sweat, and other liquids, keeping baby’s sleeping surface dry and comfortable.

Longer mattress

The included Carrycot has been updated to feature a slightly longer mattress, creating a more comfortable environment for growing baby.

Easy-care liner

Zip-out liner and boot cover are easy to remove and super easy to clean!

Extendable, UPF 50+ sunshade

Our pop out sunshade, on both Carrycot and Toddler Seat, extends to shield your child from harmful UV rays, allowing your family to enjoy even the sunniest of weather together.

Ventilated canopy

The back of the Carrycot canopy unzips and opens for additional airflow, keeping baby cool and comfortable.

One-handed, multi-position recline

The multi-position recline allows your child to lie comfortably for naps or sit upright to take in the sights, offering the flexibility your busy toddler needs.

Extendable UPF 50+ sunshade

Our pop out sunshade, on both Carrycot and Toddler Seat, extends to shield your child from harmful UV rays, allowing you and baby to stay outside and safely enjoy the sunshine.

Adjustable canopy

Easy slide canopy is height-adjustable to accommodate growing children.

Telescoping handlebar

The adjustable handlebar makes it comfortable for parents of varying heights to stroll with baby.

All-Weather Protection

Included Toddler Seat rain and bug shields protects your child from whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


As a double

Maneuvering life with one child was a game changer. With the addition of a second, and even a third child, what was once a quick trip to the store has become a challenging adventure. No matter what stage of parenting with tots you are in, when it comes to strolling, UppaBaby have got you covered. Infant + Toddler

With the addition of a Rumble Seat or adapters, the VISTA expands to accommodate your new addition from birth, with their older sibling in tow.


You are blessed with not one little bundle of joy, but two! The VISTA allows for two infant car seats, two Carrycots or two seats, revolutionizing travel with twins!

Toddler + Toddler

The VISTA expands to accommodate two toddlers of varying ages. Big brother isn’t quite ready to abandon his stroller throne and walk along side. With the RumbleSeat, your youngest one can nap while big brother takes in his surroundings.

Three in tow

The VISTA also accommodates even a third child with the PiggyBack ride along board. Perfect for young walkers who may need to hitch a ride. The VISTA used with the RumbleSeat and PiggyBack can easily transport up to three children.




- Suitable from birth up to 9 kg or until infant can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first

- Features a slightly longer mattress, creating a more comfortable environment for growing baby

- Zip-out, water-repellant inner liner and boot cover are easy to remove and clean

- Perforated mattress pad, vented base and canopy allow for added breathability

- Extendable, pop out UPF 50+ sunshade

- Depth and ventilation provide a safe overnight sleeping solution

- Included Bassinet Bug Shield and Storage Bag

Toddler Seat/Frame

- Suitable from 6 months to 15 kg

- Expandable seat selections that allow for two rear and forward facing, reclining seats; two infant car seats, two Carrycots and countless other combinations

- 100% full-grain leather accents

- Full-size front and rear facing Toddler Seat

- One-handed, multi-position recline

- Extendable, pop out UPF 50+ sunshade

- Adjustable canopy and one-button telescoping handlebar

- One-hand release, pivoting bumper bar for easy loading

- Fabrics are removable and washable

- Shock-absorbing front and rear suspension

- Extra-large, easy-access basket with 5kg weight limit

- Combines aluminium with magnesium for optimal lightweight, durable performance

- One-step fold, with or without Toddler Seat attached, and stands when folded

- All-weather protection with included Toddler Seat Rain Shield and Bug Shield



What’s included?

Carrycot, carrycot storage bag, carrycot bug shield, frame, basket, wheels, toddler seat + canopy, bumper bar, toddler seat rain shield, toddler seat bug shield.


Unfolded: 65.3 W x 91.4 L x 100.3 H cm
Folded with seat attached: 65.3 W x 4 4L x 83.8 H cm
Folded without seat attached: 65.3 W x 42.6 L x 83.8 H cm

True Weight
(includes canopy, wheels, and basket)

Frame + Seat: 12 kg
Frame: 8.8 kg
Seat: 3.1 kg
Carrycot: 3.8 kg


Carrycot suitable for infants from birth

Toddler Seat suitable from 6 months to 15 kg


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